A Holistic Approach

We took a long hard look at the typical operating relationships between clients and consulting companies and came to the conclusion that there are inherent difficulties in them that result in difficulties of execution. Our experience in manufacturing and healthcare environments has shown very clearly that a consultant can assist a client most successfully when they have intimate knowledge of the strategy and tactics of the client organization. This way custom solutions can be co - created with alignment in mind.

We use a multi level mapping technique custom developed through our years of working with other models. It has been tested in the field many many times and found to be an excellent method to resolve the fundamental problem with single level analysis: The lack of alignment between layers. We call it Quantum ConsultingTM because the model has quantum characteristics inherent to the operating rules of moving between layers of the organization.

Once the current condition maps are created, we then use the Adizes methodology of corporate lifecycle analysis to establish a position on the lifecycle developmental curve. This allows us to set a baseline state for the organization, from which we can project forward. Once we have this state, we can use the lifecycle model to predict the state the organization needs to be in at the next normal phase of development. Once we have both the baseline state and the projected next phase, the model shows us the structural and functional changes needed to enable the organization to achieve it.

We work with the entire organization to develop a long term developmental plan over the next 20 to 30 years. This is then used to develop broad objectives for individual strategic planning sessions interspersed over that time period. This is where most consulting organizations START in their analysis. By the time we are ready to embark on a “traditional” strategic planning process, we already have a guidance system laid out to align macro objectives through that extended timeline.

We then use a six stage strategic planning process to develop a traditional plan over a 3 to 5 year time horizon, from which we produce a series of metrics designed to measure the progress to achieving the strategic objectives. These are used to guide the development of operating plans for the year.

It’s an all encompassing, truly holistic approach which is unique in the consulting world. We have seen the benefits of this time and time again with clients as they embark on their journeys armed with a true guidance system. It is then that our strategic partnership really comes into play, as we engage periodically when needed to guide, consult, coach and execute to ensure the plan is followed and changed in a structured way as conditions change.