Specialty Care Practices

We have extensive experience in the strategy and operations of specialty care practices and can assist in many ways:

- Demand Analysis. Statistical analysis of patient demand allows predictive modeling techniques to be employed, gaining an understanding of appointment variability, inter provider variability and the ebb and flow of patient volumes during the day. A planning model can be used to accommodate patient demand, release capacity and balance demand against capacity more closely, resulting in significantly reduced or eliminated backlog and appointment wait times. 

- Capacity Analysis. Understanding provider and staff working hour availability is just the first step. Correlating this with skill and ability levels can produce a capacity map, showing what skills and capabilities are available at what points in the day and week. This is crucial to load balancing to occur with the practice. 

- Quality Improvement Initiatives. We have led many practices through basic and advanced quality improvement initiatives from simple PDSA training through to advanced design of experiments based change programs. We don't stop there though. We audit your current QI initiatives and cross reference them so areas of commonality and opportunities for streamlining can be identified. It is common for practices to have PCMH, TCPI, CPC+, ACO QI programs and many others ongoing simultaneously and for them to be duplicative in both efforts and targets. We analyze your QI landscape and requirements and can help produce a streamlined program satisfying the myriad of requirements on your practice, but making best use of your resources. 

- Strategic Planning. Specialty practices often arise from the desires of one or more providers to set up a practice on their own. As the practice evolves and grows, the life cycles of the providers change and there comes a point where the transition of ownership from the founders can be foreseen in the near future. We work with practices to evaluate options in succession to ensure the survival of the practice and / or the appropriate transfer of ownership and wealth associated with the transition. We use Adizes lifecycle analysis to evaluate practices on a long term basis, which has consistently been regarded as one of the foremost lifecycle methodologies in the world. 

- Population Health. Part of the Patient Centered Medical Home system is an emphasis on population health. BR can assist in developing empanelment and panel management systems to place more of your patient panel under regular screening and evaluation. 

If you own or work in a Specialty Practice and can see the need for outside assistance, please don't hesitate to call or email us on (802) 870 3433 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.