About Us

My name is Lee Bryan. I've been working in organizational transformation for over 30 years in manufacturing, healthcare, finance and government sectors. The last dozen of those have been in the healthcare sector, initially with hospitals and hospital systems, then in primary and specialty care environments. My background is in systems thinking, Toyota Production System (TPS) and Lean, with strong underpinnings of Quality Management from the 1980's.

I've seen and learnt a lot, and have an ability to ascertain issues quickly and precisely, and utilize this experience and knowledge base to create solution sets that work. In the best traditions of the TPS, I always ground that work in the generation of value to customers.

Having seen the rise and fall of popular movements in quality management, I have a healthy skepticism for "cults" and don't subscribe to any, preferring instead to co create systems with clients utilizing a broad spectrum of methodologies and toolsets. My #1 goal is client satisfaction, and I strive to provide that in every single interaction.

You can see testimonials on my LinkedIn profile which you can find at http://bit.ly/35J2GYU