Premium Membership

Premium Members in the Bryan Research Transformation Club receive everything in the Basic and Value membership levels, PLUS:

- Access to the Bryan Research multi level transformation methodology, allowing a fully customized model to be developed of your organization. (A $30000 value)

- A Strategic Plan, designed to incorporate the findings of the Value Stream analysis AND succession planning, producing a long term plan for the practice. (A $16000 value)

- A full demand / capacity analysis to balance your available capacity with demands from your community, figure out provider and staffing schedules and quantify ROI for the capacity released by the Value Stream Analysis and subsequent projects. (A $30000 value)

- Level 2 Patient Care Value Stream, diving deeper into the issues revealed during the Level 1 PCVS and typically involving deeper levels of analysis such as Circle of Work, Supply Chains, Flow and Motion and Demand Leveling. (A $20000 value)

- Monthly meetings at a minimum to coordinate all activities and ensure alignment (A $3000 value) 

- Access to the BR BizPro Comparative Database of performance metrics for "like" business processes from other organizations in the field for benchmarking and planning purposes. (A $5000 value)

- Training for all staff in basic LEAN / TPS, PDSA and A3 problem solving (A $10000 value)

- Executive coaching for all owner / providers to resolve issues and reduce burnout (A $15000 value)

Premium members receive over $129000 of value for their $18000 investment

Call us on (802) 870 3433 or email your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , and we'll get you signed up. We look forward to welcoming you soon!