We believe in the development and dissemination of knowledge in all its forms.

Our work over the last 30 years has allowed us to develop some unique insights into the world of work and business, most of which we incorporate into our daily work with clients. We understand the concepts are difficult to understand and visualize, and do our best to train clients on demand as they incorporate principles into redesigned workflows and quality initiatives. It is because of this we write books, articles and produce podcasts, courses and videos, providing access to the research in as many forms as possible so clients can utilize it as much and as easily as possible. 

We have two books in draft right now:

Managing your Practice by Value Streams is a handbook of around 120 pages designed to give all the knowledge you need to start thinking of your business in terms of levels and value streams. It takes the reader through the initial concepts, then describes optimal pathways for working on your practice to reflect the alignment on patient experience. Focussing on this above all produces some powerful effects. Higher patient satisfaction, reduced waste, reduced burnout and increasing the ability to experience joy in work again. We show you how to visualize workflows by using the patient flow as a backbone using a custom designed mapping technique derived from the original Toyota Production System, but adapted and improved substantially for use in healthcare environments. We show you how to start a transformation and how to engineer your culture with purpose to solidify the gains and achieve true change. This book is estimated for publication by April 2020 and will be available on electronic and paper formats. 

The Model is the result of 30 years of research in organizational design and improvement in multiple sectors. It describes the multi layered structure of organizations, how the layers nest together and how each layer interacts with those above and below it. Each layer has a corresponding set of business processes, each of which have their own Key Performance Indicators (KPI's). We describe a "starter set" of KPI's for you to begin your journey of advanced management of your business.  We describe the role of people at all levels in the business, taking influence from the works of Goldman and Spear, Herzberg and Maslow and constructing a model based upon a solid foundation of respect for people. We show how organizational design differs in traditional and systems thinking perspectives, and how to convert from one to the other. We show you how to manage the business, from all perspectives, so it can deliver the services and products demanded of it as closely to the point of need as possible. 

We will be publishing thought leadership articles regularly, both on this website and on social media platforms such as our LinkedIn and Facebook pages. Twitter is our immediate thought channel, and we will be tweeting very frequently and following many tweet feeds. We will be producing white papers on subjects related to the model and transformation processes and making those available on the website too. 

We're excited to start producing these in February 2020. To get you started, here's a recent article I published on LinkedIn a couple of months back.