Practice Coaching

Running a medical practice is a complex endeavor. Sometimes it seems that just keeping the doors open and managing the patients coming through the door is about as much as you can do. Even then, it's highly likely that providers are taking work home and doing it there. It's common now for providers to be spending 4+ hours a night catching up on charts and other administrative tasks from the day's work. 

One of the basic premises of the Bryan Research Transformation Model is that of balance. The four major subsystems of an organization need to be in balance to enable alignment and satisfaction of demands by delivery of services and / or products, with purpose. 


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Sometimes, running a practice feels like everything is metaphorically on fire, there is no time for rest and it's not just a struggle to keep up with the constant demands, it seems impossible to keep up. In such an environment, how do you allocate time to work on improving the practice? 

We've been coaching practices for years now. All varieties of practices. One provider to 80 providers, in primary and specialty arenas. There is one common thread for every practice we've worked with. They never have enough time. 

One of the major problems is that this is a self perpetuating cycle. Intrinsic problems in the practice produce sub optimal results which require workarounds to manage, which takes up more time, which leaves no time to even think about solving the problems permanently and breaking the cycle

We have extensive experience in coaching practices. Starting with an initial assessment to gauge a current state, and identifying pain points and internal responsibilities, we begin to work on problems one by one according to self identified priority. We coach the providers and staff in managing these problems, and teaching them state of the art methods to solve the issues permanently. We coach the senior staff, providers and owners in different ways to manage, reinforcing the learning undertaken by the staff such that an army of problem solving resources is created and nurtured. As problems are solved, time is released. Time which used to be spent on wasteful activities, can now be redeployed to invest in other, more productive ways. 

This takes time, and careful coaching to engineer a cultural shift upon which a true transformation can be built. 

Let us help you release the pressure, and design and build a practice which works for everyone. Patients, Providers and Staff. 

We can work on a specific project basis, or include elements of this in a more general Practice Coaching engagement for organizational improvement. If you'd like to find out more about Practice Coaching at BR, please call us at (802) 870 3433 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.