The Model

We have spent the last 30 years working with clients in various roles learning about business and helping bring a different perspective where we can. The result of that accumulated knowledge is what we lovingly refer to as "the Model"

At the top level, this represents the four major subsystems of any business. 

Each of these four subsystems need to be in balance with each other, and the overall purpose of the organization for there to be a healthy, harmonious business. 

There are three main levels to a business:

Each of these levels consists of all the activities conducted by an operating business day to day, but they represent them differently. L1 processes are comprised of specific sub sets of L2 processes, which are themselves comprised of specific subsets of L3 processes. Understanding and managing at each level helps simplify the management of an organization and allow clarity of thought and action to drive results aligned with purpose. 

Each business process at any level has a measurement system and associated metric available to enable measurement and subsequent control of the business process. In the BR model, we have a "starter set" of three metrics we designate as KPI's or PI's depending on the relative magnitude and / or importance in the system under scrutiny at the time. 

We have a comparative database of performance levels for each of  these business processes, such that we can benchmark an individual organization performance in a like to like context against all other organizations of similar nature and design. 

Taken together, it's a powerful, holistic, integrated model for understanding and managing an organization. We have found it to be incredibly useful time and time again as we work with clients. Let us work with you to see how it could impact your work and results daily. 

See how your organization can benefit from "the Model". If you'd like to find out more, please call us at (802) 870 3433 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.