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The Bryan Research Transformation Model

An integrated, holistic organizational model capable of representing levels of existence within the organization.
practice COACHING

Coaching your practice to integrated high performance

Regular coaching produces integrated performance improvement, higher team integration and increased waste reduction.
succession PLANNING

Ensuring your hard life's work carries on when you decide to exit the business

Succession planning is hard. We help you decide on the best way to carry on your business, leaving you with peace of mind and rewards for all your hard work.

We help construct the most effective culture in your organization

Cultural engineering can be one of the most effective ways of preparing an organization for a long term transformation. Click to find out how we do it, and if its right for you.

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Succession Planning

  • Category: Publications
  • Published: Wednesday, January 29 2020 09:37
  • Written by Super User
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Building a business is a lifetime's work for most people.

Until you've lived the rollercoaster ride of keeping this organization you created alive and headed in the right direction, you don't understand what a commitment it is. Just like having a child - you can't ignore it, can't delegate it - it's there constantly, demanding your attention and needing your energy to maintain itself. It can be daunting, and is not for the faint of heart. 

Or that's how a lot of businesses exist anyways. The good news is it doesn't have to be like that. We use a little known set of tools and philosophies at BR called the Adizes Lifecycle Methodology, which describes businesses at the various stages of existence, from birth of the initial idea through to eventual death. Along this curve exist specific, defined points with defined characteristics which can be identified and used to define not just the state of the business as it exists at the time of analysis, but the steps needed to either take it forward to a self sustaining state, or backwards from a state of sclerosis and death. 

When we look at a business, we see a set of interlinked systems, driven by people and purpose. Understanding the human components of the system is essential to any credible plan of action for short and / or long term strategy development, and the owners of the business occupy a unique position in this system. They are the original seed, the genesis of the idea that started the organization in the first place. So, what happens if they've been happily steering the organization for decades, and they approach inevitable life changes as they age? 

BR is skilled in executive coaching. Lee is qualified in executive coaching from Corporate Coach University (2003) and has been coaching as a mainstay of work since then. We have worked with business owners to develop holistic strategies for their businesses as they drive towards an exit strategy. A lot of consulting companies do this work, and do a fine job, but the BR approach is much deeper and more complete. We encompass all aspects of the organization, the people involved and co develop a workable transition plan based on what the organization needs at that specific point in its lifecycle. This is not just picking a successor to the owner. This is figuring out what the organization needs at all levels and developing an integrated plan to achieve that in the timeframe desired and necessary. 

We can work on an individual basis, or include elements of this in a more general engagement for organizational improvement. If you'd like to find out more about Succession Planning at BR, please call us at (802) 870 3433 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Model

  • Category: Publications
  • Published: Tuesday, January 28 2020 15:18
  • Written by Super User
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We have spent the last 30 years working with clients in various roles learning about business and helping bring a different perspective where we can. The result of that accumulated knowledge is what we lovingly refer to as "the Model"

At the top level, this represents the four major subsystems of any business. 

  • Service or Product Creation / Manufacture and Delivery
  • Demand Management
  • New Product / Service Development and QI
  • Financial Viability

Each of these four subsystems need to be in balance with each other, and the overall purpose of the organization for there to be a healthy, harmonious business. 

There are three main levels to a business:

  • The Strategic, or primary level (L1)
  • The Operational or Secondary level (L2)
  • The Tactical or Tertiary level (L3). 

Each of these levels consists of all the activities conducted by an operating business day to day, but they represent them differently. L1 processes are comprised of specific sub sets of L2 processes, which are themselves comprised of specific subsets of L3 processes. Understanding and managing at each level helps simplify the management of an organization and allow clarity of thought and action to drive results aligned with purpose. 

Each business process at any level has a measurement system and associated metric available to enable measurement and subsequent control of the business process. In the BR model, we have a "starter set" of three metrics we designate as KPI's or PI's depending on the relative magnitude and / or importance in the system under scrutiny at the time. 

We have a comparative database of performance levels for each of  these business processes, such that we can benchmark an individual organization performance in a like to like context against all other organizations of similar nature and design. 

Taken together, it's a powerful, holistic, integrated model for understanding and managing an organization. We have found it to be incredibly useful time and time again as we work with clients. Let us work with you to see how it could impact your work and results daily. 

See how your organization can benefit from "the Model". If you'd like to find out more, please call us at (802) 870 3433 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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