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ISO 9001 : 2015 and IATF 16949 Audits and Consulting

  • Category: Manufacturing
  • Published: Friday, February 25 2022 13:35
  • Written by Super User
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A recent foray back into our manufacturing roots showed us how prevalent the ISO 9001 series of quality standards had become in certain supply chains. Companies embracing the standards are required to devise, implement and sustain quality management systems compliant with the standards. This compliance is verified periodically by an external certification body (who issues the certificate and maintains status in their database of certified companies) and by internal audits of Products, Processes and Systems. 

Automative supply chains in particular have embraced not only ISO 9001: 2015, but the stricter standards of the IATF 16949 standard, prevalent in automative supply chains worldwide. 

Bryan Research started life over 35 years ago helping companies implement ISO 900x standards, and Lee was qualified as a systems auditor in 1990 in the UK. More recently, we gained valuable experience in the setup, management and verification of IATF 16949 systems. Audits have been a staple discipline here since 1990, but we have not concentrated on them as our work dived deeper into the organizational systems design aspects of corporate transformations. 

We are proud to offer a comprehensive quite of audit services to our clients including:

- Internal audit of ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949systems, as individual audits or part of a longer term maintenance package

- Set up and maintenance of Product, Process and System audits within your ISO 9001:2015 and / or IATF 16949 system. 

- Consulting in design and implementation of your ISO 9001:2015 and / or IATF 16949 system

- Training for your staff in the quality management system and their roles and responsibilities within it. 

If you are looking for a high quality, experienced, cost effective solution for your quality management system verification needs, don't hesitate to reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (802) 870 3433. 




  • Category: Manufacturing
  • Published: Thursday, January 16 2020 12:05
  • Written by Super User
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Injection molds in production

Our Manufacturing roots run deep

Back in 1989, Lee achieved accreditation as a Quality Management Systems Auditor for BS5750 (the precursor to ISO 9000) in the UK and began assisting manufacturing clients in a government sponsored program to improve quality and performance. Gaining exposure to a wide variety of industries including food and non food group transportation, oceanic freight, printing, solvent recovery and food production, daily he would see examples of systems failures leading to waste and sub optimal performance. 

Moving to the USA in 1993, he was immersed in sporting goods manufacturing, running quality management systems for Burton Corporation. Starting with the Vermont manufacturing plant (and gaining ISO 9001 accreditation in 1997) the role quickly expanded to include global supply chains for hard and soft goods. Working in the USA, Europe and Asia to design and implement quality management systems. This experience was enhanced in 1998 when he carried on this work for the Vans Inc. supply chains in the USA, Taiwan, China and Europe.  

Returning to Vermont in 2000, Lee became a Professional Business Advisor with the Manufacturing Extension Partnership local branch VMEC, training and working in Toyota Production System methodologies from some of the pioneers of these movements in the USA, such as Lean Enterprise Institute faculty, Drew Locher, Kevin Duggan, Beau Keyte, Brian Maskell and becoming a course designer and instructor for the MEP University, specifically in their Change Management and Transformation Management course lines. On the ground during the 7 years at VMEC, Lee assisted over 100 companies in Vermont with Toyota Production System implementations, in vertical areas from wood products to integrated circuit production. 

Lee has worked with manufacturers on a request basis since 2007, although the majority of his focus has been in the healthcare field since that date. 

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